I am operating a Macbook Pro. I use NTFS for Mac to attach a 2TB Transcend external hard drive to my Mac. The Transcend drive is formatted Microsoft NTFS. I want to back it up to a second external hard drive. The second hard drive is a NexStar 3TB drive that is formatted Mac OS extended. I downloaded a trial version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager to attempt to back up the Transcend drive (MS NTFS) to the NexStar drive (Mac OS). The process begins and works its way through all the steps, but at the end I receive a Disk I/O error message and the backup folder in the target drive is empty. I thought this attempted process was something that Paragon Hard Disk Manager could facilitate. Am I wrong? By the way, I will happily register and buy full version, but I do want to see if it will work first.