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Thread: Duration of migration

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    Question Duration of migration

    Hi guys,

    Been wandering the internet for an answer to the following question: "How long does it take for copying operating system from HDD to a new SSD?"

    Some details to bore you with ;-): Yesterday I installed a 120 Gb SSD, started the "copying operating system" action in Paragon HD Manager 17. It concerns a "clean" install of Windows 10 on a 5400 rpm HD.

    I started the process at, say, 10.00 am, and now it is 19:30 pm THE NEXT DAY! I do see some action, as in some writing is occurring at the old HD. And the action screen states "Copy data clusters...". I assume nothing is wrong, but it sure takes a lot of time. Any ideas on this?


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    Re: Duration of migration

    I had this operation completed in less than twenty minutes. I think you should contact support from MyParagon account.

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