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Thread: ExtFS Windows - many bugs in ext4 support

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    ExtFS Windows - many bugs in ext4 support

    1. On an Ubuntu ext4 volume the following folder cannot be deleted: /lost+found
    "you need permission to perform this action" --but approval is not accepted

    2. Files with special characters will prevent single or batch deleting: the delete function appears to work but files reappear when the directory is refreshed. Delete silently fails if the file contains symbol characters, for example:

    - file ends with $ — /var/cache/apt/archive/libx$
    - file contains one or more: ···
    - file contains diamond with question mark: �

    example: contents of...


    3. When deleting large system folder trees (such as /var on Ubuntu) the following message appears:

    "An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the file."

    "Error 0x800703ED: The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted."

    Paragon ExtFS delete bug.PNG

    --after this error a reboot is required to restore Paragon ExtFS functionality

    manually launching ExtFS is not sufficient - the filesystem driver does not restart and a kernel panic will often occur:


    - The drive became inaccessible but ExtFS GUI says it is still mounted
    - If I unplug the USB cable the GUI still says "mounted Yes (in read/write)"
    - Dokan mounter & Paragon mounter service stopped
    - Paragon .EXE is not responding
    - Terminate Paragon app & restart = Paragon mounter service says "Restart of the service completed with errors."
    - Windows Services console says ParagonMounter service status is "Stopping" --but it never completes

    I do not really need to delete system files on an ext4 volume, BUT it demonstrates that this product is still 'beta' (!)
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