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  1. i/o error message
  2. rescue kit 14 - update initrd?
  3. Context Menu
  4. Backup image split or no split
  5. No info on linux partitions in backup 7 recovery 16
  6. Backup 14 got wacked after Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  7. Confused on Backup Recovery 16
  8. Crash while browsing network in Backup and Recovery 16
  9. Password protected backups in BR16
  10. Backup and Restore 16
  11. Error code 0xc000009 while using BR16
  12. BR16 adding old backups
  13. Building Recovery Media
  14. Unable to run manual backup/no logs
  15. Automatic shut down?
  16. Unable to backup Files or folder
  17. Cannot Create Recovery Media
  18. Option to delete backups when storage is full not working
  19. BR 16 error out
  20. Backup & Recovery 16 - differential showing as incremental
  21. BR16 says External Drive is not valid?
  22. So far, so good! PHDM 2015
  23. disk not found
  24. HDM 15 Professional - Create System Disk Image
  25. How do you get a scheduled backup to start when in a user account?
  26. Could not backup files and folders on ReFS partition with Paragon Backup & Restore 16
  27. Mac Hard Disk Manager 1.1.100 Bootcamp Backup Win10/OSX10.11.6
  28. Can I back up . 2-disk mirror?
  29. Mount pvhd with Paragon Backup and Recovery 2014 Free
  30. Paragon Boot Camp Backup Error: Selected Partition does not support this operation
  31. HardDisk Manager 15 Professional: Can't open file psi.out
  32. Question about Backup Recovery 16 Retention Settings
  33. How to remove unwanted backup archives?
  34. ExtFS for MacĀ® 10 and DropBox
  35. Keep more than 3 (three) backups when using a schedule?
  36. Bootcamp and MacOS backup
  37. Why do last run time and last result in scheduled tasks never show a value?
  38. Exclusive access required to volume error
  39. How to get 1 chain with rotating differentials
  40. Cannot open files on WD exteranl HD. Can see bacjkup folders but not files?
  41. Using a FTP Server
  42. BR16 - 2MB backup takes up 4GB?
  43. Backup size differs if created via Recovery Media CD v's being created in Windows
  44. Loading disks and partitions information... spins forever
  45. Image Backup
  46. Recovery Media Builder
  47. What product to choose, and is it possible?
  48. email notifications in BR16
  49. Clearing Activity Reports
  50. Recovery Media Builder
  51. Back-ups won't fit on flash drive despite them only being about half of the space on
  52. Is it possible to back up to more than one drive?
  53. Dont know what image goes with what machine
  54. Looking for a Backup solution
  55. Is there a setting for the number of incremental backups saved?
  56. [Solved] Will WindowsPE and Linux Recovery softwate live on the same USB flash drive?
  57. Never ending backup
  58. Paragon Hard Disk Manager "Selected partition does not support this operation"
  59. BR16 Giving Unsigned Driver Error
  60. Issue with Backup & Recovery 16 saving to Synology NAS
  61. Dropbox
  62. Operation Failed - Not enough Memory
  63. Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition
  64. Cloud Backups
  65. Hard Disk Manager for Mac compatible 10.8.5 version?
  66. User manual 2013 Free
  67. Bootable backup drive?
  68. Delete Backup Capsule?
  69. Cant boot Hard Disk Manager 15 linux boot
  70. I want to schedule Incremental backups but do I have to run apply them after I schedu
  71. BR 16 Error
  72. Newbie queries
  73. How to set and forget with cyclic backups
  74. VeraCrypt
  75. Backup takes hours and hours
  76. VSS Error after creators update - Unable to FindFirstFile.
  77. VSS Error after Creator's Update: can't process EFI system partition on GPT disk.
  78. Creating backup image
  79. Recovery Files Probleme
  80. Newbee questions about Disk imaging
  81. Size of Backups and File List
  82. New to Windows, which partitions to backup on disk?
  83. Too many option for a Newbee
  84. Paragon just sucks( after buying)
  85. Paragon HDM 15, and pro, the SP5 versions, just tested, they do GREAT !
  86. Backing up files.
  87. How do i backup to a NAS or Network Location with user name and password?
  88. Unable to Mount Backup Image HDM15 SP2
  89. Incremental Backup Problem
  90. What were those install-time drivers?
  91. How to mount a backup image to explore and grab files?
  92. No retention/expiration policy to prevent eating up all space for backup location?
  93. How to throttle a backup so not interferes with use of computer?
  94. How to add entry to boot menu to run a restore on boot?
  95. Incremental Backup Chain broken
  96. Wireless backup to NAS
  97. Imaging a Dual Boot System
  98. Backup to VD wizard = fail VSS specific error..... source: Hard Disk Manager
  99. Modify backup settings for single job
  100. How do I back up my entire Mac hard drive (including Bootcamp partition)?
  101. Can archive integrity be checked only once?
  102. ftp destination in non-legacy mode not available???
  103. HDM15S/HDM15 Pro BMB NAS Issue
  104. Can GPT Formatted External Drive Store Virtual MBR Formatted Partitions for Recovery?
  105. Backup to dropbox
  106. Unable to Exclude Files
  107. System restarts during backup
  108. Email notification
  109. B&R 14 Free vs. B&R 16 Free On Win 7?
  110. Hard Drive Replacement Using Free Tools?
  111. (Incremental) backups safe for system disks?
  112. Can't seem to make second backup
  113. Paragon backup will not work - reports error 0x800704dd
  114. Core Storage Configuration and Hard Disk Manager for Windows
  115. folder not accessible
  116. B&R 16 micro SD card backup failing
  117. B&R 16, Incremental backups
  118. Running paragon for first time
  119. Backup bugs
  120. Paragon data copy formats
  121. Integrity check: Not verified yet
  122. Rescue KIT problem
  123. [newbe] How to create a job?
  124. Backup Capsule vs Recovery media USB
  125. Scheduled task missed
  126. B&R 16 Incremental produces error 0x11035
  127. Compatibility with McAfee Disk Encryption
  128. Program gets stuck when trying to migrate
  129. Recover image
  130. your product corrupted my editing hard drive
  131. Trial version of Backup and Restore did not backup/and/or restore certain W10 files.
  132. Backup Error
  133. Version 16
  134. Backup & Recovery 16 - Can't create base or incremental image
  135. Error Code 63 when creating USB media
  136. Is it possible to create incremental updates with the rescue media?
  137. Back up target
  138. Error Code 54
  139. How to create Recovery Media in Windows 7
  140. Backup & Recovery 16 - Data block information was not found in index file
  141. Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 - I can't release the license.
  142. Rescue Kit for macOS High Sierra
  143. Questions about Recovery Media Builder (which tool and how many flashdrives and size)
  144. Disk I/O Error while doing pen boot
  145. Back Ups created with Hard Disc Manager 15 Suite not recognised by HDM16
  146. 2 Recovery Partitions??
  147. Hard Disk Manager 16 Upgrade Price?
  148. Incremental backup requires to run offline (error 0x1100b)
  149. defaults not used ?
  150. PHDM 16 is missing important feature- EXCLUDE files in IMAGE backup mode
  151. Adaptive Restore
  152. Partitions required for Win10 backup & restore?
  153. Hard Disk Manager 15 Pro takes days to backup 4TB hard drive.
  154. PHDM 16 vs 15 - PROMISING ! speed improveement
  155. PHDM 16 - interface screen - TOO LARGE !! (just my two cents)
  156. Installing PHDM 16 causes one of my hard drives to not be available
  157. Can't back up from network drive to portable disk?
  158. PHDM 16, INCREMENTAL backup option in menu MISSING?
  159. PHDM 16, in FILE/FOLDER bckup, option to EXCLUDE folders as wildcards is MISSING
  160. PHDM 16 - Control Archive Integrity - CONFUSING
  161. PHDM 16, License activated, then it self-de-activated?
  162. Incremental Back-up does not work
  163. NAS Backup to Optical Drives (DVD etc)
  164. incremental backup, only performs on specified time automatically and not if missed
  165. PHDM 15 will not create backup on Win10
  166. HP ELITE BOOK 1040 G3 Backup and Restore Whole Disk or Partitions
  167. PHDM 16, LICENSE, on an ACTIVATED machine, now not working after new patch
  168. HP ELITE BOOK 1040 G3 Backup and Restore Whole Disk or Partitions
  169. PHDM 16 basic, fails at Disk Backup
  170. HP ELITE BOOK 1040 G3 Backup and Restore Whole Disk or Partitions
  171. PHDM 16, add a backup set to the list, not available
  172. PHDM 15 - Back up operating system / Back up volumes options, what's the difference?
  173. PHDM 16,, EXCLUDE files/folders from VOLUME backup, anyone willing to experiment?
  174. Help for first time user
  175. Virus Protection
  176. Paragon MIGRATE has ERROR in text of the FROM screen, confusing
  177. SSD image backup bad block / sectors
  178. Unable to Image whole mac ssd
  179. Copying Backup Folders to other disk
  180. Paragon Backup and Recovery stop sudenly with bug when I do a full backup of disk C:
  181. PHDM 16, confused with the new install files
  182. PBR16 media builder broken
  183. PHDM 16 advanced, and EXCLUDE option - NOW PRESENT !
  184. PHDM 16 - amazing response from developers
  185. Simple Question - How to view/explore and visually verify backups?
  186. PHDM 16, does not see my 256g SSD drive, to build a Recovery media builder disk,
  187. Paragon RMB, and Windows 10 ADK kit, which parts are needed?
  188. Paragon, RMB, and disk size, i created a 128g USB stick, 2 partitions (INFORMATNAL)
  189. PHDM 16, advanced, and EXCLUDE option, PARTIALLY fixed, still broke
  190. Can I back up files the same as they are on my computer?
  191. Whole Computer Backup
  192. Deleting backups
  193. Can this program perform a "sector by sector" clone of a HDD?
  194. PHDM 16, WIPE DISK, can this verify disk integrity
  196. Paragon crashes when deleting backups
  197. PHDM 16 - CHECK INTEGRITY, ERROR issue, not working
  198. BR16 backup fails at 98% VSS:Cannot read volume data
  199. Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 Free Edition error: 0x12016 error in windows 10.
  200. Change display title of single backups - possible ?
  201. Mounting a backup on a different computer
  202. activating hard disk manager 16
  203. Recovery Media Creation Failure, Error Code = 11, Cannot launch an external process
  204. What does "skip archive files stored in archive library" actually skip?
  205. How to create a system backup to VHD file containing that partition only
  206. Cannot verify backup or create recovery media
  207. Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 Free failing
  208. how to keep the garbage advertising out of the forum?
  209. Backup keeping file versions forever, filling up hard drive ... what am I doing wrong
  210. HDM16 no information if scheduled backup fails.
  211. Backup to VD
  212. Just will not save any backups to my local QNAP NAS drive.
  213. Is Backup & Recovery still being developed?
  214. How do you know when backup is done? Is there an estimated completion time?
  215. Paragon 16 and Network Drives
  216. I want to backup my main drive so that I can move to another drive
  217. I have read the manual and am still at sea, awash with questions and apprehension.
  218. windows 10 major upgrade, screwed up stuff, activation, check integrity, etc, ??
  219. Error code 0x10060
  220. No Backup
  221. no new notifications unless i visit the forum??
  222. Backup jobs have disapperaed
  223. ERROR 0x1206
  224. Various questions on functions and limits of HDM 16
  225. What does Backup Duration mean?
  226. No Schedule Option (Free Version)
  227. Help needed in restoring files from a backup
  228. XML error 0x80041318 when trying tro schedule backup
  229. Backup & Restore issues
  230. i'm confused.
  231. HDM16 advantage vs HDM15
  232. Windows PE Recovery Media locked features:This Functionality is not available
  233. Backup Recovery 17 free version not installing in Windows 7
  234. External formatting for multiple backups; quick query.
  235. Paragon HD Manager Advanced V16
  236. backup JOBS, how to limit retention?
  237. What's the point of new full (baseline) backups?
  238. How to prevent write Paragon service from slowing down?
  239. HDM 17 - EXCLUDE option missing again, in backup options? THIS CANNOT BE !!!!
  240. Can't burn system disk backup to Blu-Ray drive.
  241. Backup failed error 0x11047
  242. connect drive to windows10
  243. Backup image smaller than source it's normal ?
  244. Disaster with the trial version
  245. Where are the log files of the backup ?
  246. Failed backup
  247. Backup with active Bitlocker
  248. No backup and no message.
  249. MY PRODUCTS section is not showing all my licenses !!, HIGH PRIORITY
  250. PHDM 16.5 network links not removable